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10695NAT – Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) (CRICOS 102234M)

Units of competence

TESCIE001 Create a culturally inclusive learning environment TESTLE001 Teach listening
TESGAE001 Use the genre approach to teach English TESTRE001 Teach reading
TESTEG001 Teach English grammar TESTWE001 Teach writing
TESTSP001 Teach spelling and pronunciation TESDRF001 Develop resource files
TESTSE001 Teach speaking TESECL001 Teach ESL to Early Childhood Learners

10688NAT – Diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) (CRICOS 102235K)

Required additional units of competence

TESAMT001 Apply Approaches and Methods in TESOL TESEAP001 Teach English for Academic Purposes
TESDTS001 Design and Teach ESL Syllabus TESESP001 Teach English for Specific Purposes
TESAEL001 Assess ESL Learning

The GCA combined CIV & Diploma of TESOL course provides the learner the unique opportunity to attain two fully accredited and internationally recognised qualifications.  Learners having successfully attained the Certificate IV level are able to undertake additional core units to achieve the highly regarded Diploma of TESOL.  To complete the combined course and achieve the qualification at the Diploma level, requires significant effort, discipline and dedication.  These requirements ensure that the appropriate standard and level of recognition, are recognised by prospective employers worldwide.  Today’s world sees both employers and students seeking to learn from highly qualified teachers and holding the Diploma level of TESOL will ensure that the successful participants are well placed to gain employment.  The combined course ensures a well-rounded, dynamic and comprehensive understanding of the requirements for teaching English as a second language (ESL).  The Diploma of TESOL enables teachers to teach and assess ESL, at a greater breadth, depth and complexity than at Certificate IV level.

The course is designed to enable the learners to undertake training and self-paced learning over a maximum 63-week period.  During this time learners have access to their assigned trainer/assessor who will provide support, direction and assistance. Successful learners are provided with high quality materials which provide a sound reference portfolio, and entry to an ongoing lifetime support alumni.  The course provides opportunity for GCA learners to undertake the required work experience in real classes with real students.  Uniquely, GCA is able to provide opportunity for high achievers who have successfully completed the Diploma level to apply for positions at our Perth campus and through our agent to other international destinations- subject to availability of positions and meeting the requirements.

Duration: CIV 32 weeks Diploma 31 weeks or Combined course – 63 weeks full time and self-paced learning –

The combined course consists of fourteen core Units and 1 elective

Applicants must undertake 20 hours observation practice teaching with at least 10 hours of practice teaching and may be required to provide video evidence for assessment.

Entry requirements for combined course:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or above
  • Hold a current minimum IELTS level of 6 or an equivalent in an GCA approved ELICOS level test, in all four skills achieved within the last 2 years.
  • An English language proficiency test will be required and a very solid pass mark or higher achieved in a test produced specially for this purpose
  • Secondary School transcripts showing the required results in English at a year 12 or equivalent level
  • Letter of very good English competency from an employer, for example where workplace documents have produced

Diploma TESOL course only

  • To undertake the Diploma of TESOL participants must have achieved a Certificate IV TESOL course within the last two years or able to demonstrate current experience in delivery of an ESL course.


Intakes:  Contact the College for applicable dates.

Practical Placement

To give you a hands-on, real experience, students are also required to complete practical placement (observation & practice teaching) in an English as a Second Language (ESL) class:

  • CERT IV – 12 hours of practical placement with a minimum of 6 hours practice teaching
  • DIPLOMA – 20 hours of practical placement with a minimum of 10 hours practice teaching

As part of your course, you are required to undertake practice teaching experience in a real ESL classroom. During your placement you will observe experienced trainers, teaching English to speakers of other languages, plan and deliver your own English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons. This enables you to use the theory of the course, practice and develop your skills as an ESL teacher. Your teaching will need to be observed by a qualified and experienced ESL teacher who will provide you with feedback and support to help develop your teaching ability.  Opportunity is provided to students enrolled in the GCA classroom course to undertake their practicum within the GCA English classes.

At the end of the course, we want you to feel confident in your ability to teach when you enter an ESL classroom.

Online / Distance Learning

Students can enrol anytime and study from anywhere in the world.  Complete the TESOL Certificate IV or Diploma online at your own pace with the support of a qualified distance trainer to guide you through your studies.  Students are provided with around 700 pages of printed materials especially written for the TESOL course.  Assessment work is submitted via the TESOL On-line Student System (TOSS). The student will be required to find a suitable Practice Teaching option for teaching English.  Practice Teaching is a vital part of doing our TESOL Courses and that’s why we make this promise. In addition, we will provide you with a 150 page Practice Teaching Guide which includes all the paperwork you will need to complete your Practicum in a meaningful and professional manner.

During practical placement you will:

  • Interact with an observe an experienced ESL teacher
  • Get tips about the latest ESL teaching strategies and techniques
  • Gather lots of ideas for your own ESL lessons
  • Know the students that you will be teaching
  • Learner to identify English proficiency level/s and learning needs in real-time with real people
  • Test what delivery style works best for you and the ESL students you teach
  • Apply what you learn in the course to real life situations
  • Teach your own ESL lessons and get feedback on how you can improve and further engage your learners.

Online learners need to take the initiative of seeking out and finding what options are available in your local community.  If you source your own practical placement organisation you will need to check that options you find meet the Course requirements. During your placement a qualified experienced trainer must be prepared to provide supervision and third-party documentation to support your placement.  Additionally, you will be required to video your lesson deliveries and send to your GA trainer for assessment and feedback.

*GCA is also able to arrange an intensive week of teacher training, final assessment and graduation at the end of your course, for an additional cost, if preferred.

At the end of the course, we want you to feel confident in your ability to teach when you enter an ESL classroom.

Course Duration & Study Hours

There is no set schedule for distance learning, however we recommend allowing the below hours per week for the study of course materials, the completion of assessment and practical placement.

  • CERT IV Full-time duration = 32 weeks – Allow around 20 hours per week. • DIPLOMA Full-time duration = 31 weeks – Allow 20 hours per week.


face-to-face course are normally

TESOL COURSES Duration Enrolment Fee Resources fee Tuition
10695NAT Certificate in TESOL 32 weeks $230 (paid on first enrolment only) $400 $5000

(promo $4000 Packaged with 10688NAT)

10688 NAT Diploma of TESOL 31 weeks $230 (paid on first enrolment only) $400 $6000

(promo $5000 Packaged with 10695NAT)

Instalment Plan Fee Non-refundable $100 per annum


Fees – online Certificate IV course (NOT SUITABLE For applicants on STUDENT VISA studying in Australia)

TESOL COURSES Duration Enrolment Fee Resources fee Tuition
10695NAT Certificate in TESOL
*where placement is arranged by the learner 32 weeks $230 (paid on first enrolment only) $400 $3500
Intensive week of teacher training, final assessment and graduation – for pricing contact the college

We are able to arrange homestay accommodation should you require.

**Prices are subject change and should be confirmed with the college direct.

All fees quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Payments are made in instalments

Please note that overseas health cover (OSHC) is compulsory for students on a student visa. We can assist you in obtaining this health cover through Bupa or other providers.