It is an obligation for information collected about you and your enrolment in a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to be submitted to the Australian Government through the National VET Provider Collection, managed by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. This information informs the Government and its agencies about this RTO’s participation in the Vocational Educational Sector. The information is collected in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988.The information collected will be maintained accurately and securely. This information will not be passed onto a third party unless a written authorisation is received from you. You may access this information freely on request.

Please carefully read the declaration below. If you have any questions about this declaration please contact your agent or GCA

The information and evidence that I have supplied is true and correct. I acknowledge that GCA reserves the right to make the necessary enquiries to verify the information provided by me, including discussing with my agent, contacting previous training providers and employers.
I understand that it is an offence to provide false or misleading information when applying for admission or courses credits. I acknowledge that my application will be forfeited should this be found and that GCA reserves the right to provide these details to other institutions, agents and other authorities (including state and federal law enforcement agencies) should the institute deem it appropriate.
I acknowledge and agree that the information supplied by me may be provided to Australian Commonwealth & State agencies when required by law, including where required for compliance with the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act)
I am aware that I am required to have sufficient financial capacity in order to cover my course fees and the cost of living for myself and my dependents while studying in Australia. I am aware that the satisfactory payment of fees is a condition of the student visa and enrolment at GCA.
I have had an opportunity to peruse the Policies and Procedures as set out in the official website of GCA and if I am admitted agree to abide by them. ( )
I hereby authorise and request all parties to release information on my academic standing/records to Qualification Check Ltd for the purpose of verification. I understand that this information is to be retained but will remain confidential within Qualification Check Ltd and its clients and be used only for background screening purposes. I agree to provide any assistance or documentation required to complete and process any searches or applications. I confirm that my name and associated personal data may be passed to an institution or to an agent.
I understand that the personal information I provide to GCA in connection with my application for a USI:

1.       Is collected by the Registrar for the purpose of:

·         Applying for, verifying and giving a USI;

·         Resolving problems with a USI; and

·         Creating authenticated vocational education and training (VET) transcripts;

2.       May be disclosed to:

·         Commonwealth and State/Territory government departments and agencies and statutory bodies performing functions relating to VET for:

o    the purposes of administering and auditing Vocational Education and Training (VET), VET providers and VET programs;

o    education related policy and research purposes; and

o    to assist in determining eligibility for training subsidies;

·         VET Regulators to enable them to perform their VET regulatory functions;

·         VET Admission Bodies for the purposes of administering VET and VET programs;

·         current and former Registered Training Organisations to enable them to deliver VET courses to the individual, meet their reporting obligations under the VET standards and government contracts and assist in determining eligibility for training subsidies;

·         schools for the purposes of delivering VET courses to the individual and reporting on these courses;

·         the National Centre for Vocational Education Research for the purpose of creating authenticated VET transcripts, resolving problems with USls and for the collection, preparation and auditing of national VET statistics;

·         researchers for education and training related research purposes;

·         any other person or agency that may be authorised or required by law to access the information;

·         any entity contractually engaged by the Student ldentifiers Registrar to assist in the performance of his or her functions in the administration of the USl system; and

3.       will not otherwise be disclosed without your consent unless authorised or required by or under law

4.       l acknowledge that l have reviewed the ract Sheet: Student lnformation for the Unique Student ldentifier (

5.       l confirm the RTO is authorised to collect, use and disclose my student identifier for the purposes required under the Student ldentifiers Act 2014.

I am obligated to advise GLOBAL COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA within seven (7) days of any changes to any of my contact details (address, mobile number, email address). This can be done through GCA student portal.
I give consent for GCA to obtain the student’s VEVO information from DOHA for the purposes of verifying any information provided to GCA in connection with the student’s application, enrolment, payment of fees, or visa matters.
I authorize GCA to update my agent in regard to my application and any future communications  (where required) related to my enrolled courses during my study at GCA